Growth Marketing Director (Remote Position)

· Remote, California
Employment Type Full-Time
Compensation $83,200 - $93,600/year , based on experience

Role (Overview of the Position)

  • This position is responsible for the high-level strategic planning and execution of all product, business development, and marketing projects for the organization. Also leading the cross-functional teams that are responsible for the outcomes within these projects.  

Results (Expected Accomplishments)

  • We have a clear strategic plan for the growth of the company that our team understands. 

  • We move the strategic plan forward on a quarterly basis based on what we plan for each time period and what the company needs. 

  • We market in a real and congruent way and we are well represented in any channel we work through. 

  • Development of budgets and standards for managed departments to drive revenue and company profitability. 

  • Managing projects end to end with approval from Aarin

  • Manage and oversee organic traffic, paid traffic, and relationship areas of the business

  • Ensure that we have a clear, telegraphed customer experience

  • Ensure all our products are on-brand with a minimalist design. 

  • Develop content and curriculum strategy including video content, manage and oversee content and curriculum design

  • Crush Marketing Department KPI’s

 Responsibilities (Tasks associated with the Role) 

  • Strategic planning and project planning for all frontend product launches, product development, and backend customer ascension/retention - And the leadership of teams executing on these projects. 

  • Mapping out a content strategy that supports and extends all content and social media marketing initiatives, both short-term and long-term, determining which methods work for the brand and why. 

  • Oversee PR, Marketing, Advertising, Product Delivery, and Customer Loyalty Project Managers

  • Ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, email, point of purchase, mobile, video, print and in-person. This is to be done for each buyer persona within the company.

  • The development of a functional content and marketing calendar for all of the companies projects and products. 

  • Supervising copywriters on best practices in grammar, messaging, writing, and style.

  • Audit content effectiveness. Gathering data and handle analytics (or supervise those who do) and make recommendations based on those results. Working with owners of particular content to revise and measure particular content and marketing goals.

  • Developing standards, systems, and best practices (both human and technological) for content creation, distribution, maintenance, content retrieval and content repurposing, including the real-time implementation of content strategies.

  • Leveraging market data to develop content themes/topics and execute a plan to develop the assets that support a point of view and educates students.

  • Participation in the hiring and supervising of content/story leaders in all content verticals.

  • Work closely with the company’s designers on all creative and branding initiatives to ensure a consistent message across channels.

  • Work closely with the company’s video content curator on storyboarding and video development.

  • Developing strategic funnel plans and putting together projects to complete and launch.

  • Maintaining the website and our public image

  • Develop Dream 100 strategy creation and management 

  • Manage and create a loyalty program for Community Influencer Graduates

Requirements (Expected Proficiencies)

  • You are a master marketer, sales funnel strategist, and product launcher

  • You have project management experience and can plan marketing strategy at an extremely high level

  • You love managing and working with a variety of people on projects

  • You have a passion for writing, researching, and clarifying things for people so that they are easy to learn.

  • You have a passion for teaching and helping people get results through content and the appropriate resources and information that accompanies content

  • You have excellent leadership skills

  • You’re extremely tech-savvy

  • You have a mind for marketing strategy and building sales funnels online

  • You’re an effective communicator, especially in writing

  • Your grammar and writing skills are top-notch

  • You have experience supporting online courses, coaching programs, or products

  • You have experience leading remote teams in a startup or tech environment

  • You are an expert on Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and Paid Ads

  • You are familiar with Kajabi, Samcart, Active Campaign, Asana, Process St., Helpscout, AgoraPulse, and many other tech tools

  • You’re creative, design-focused, and stay on-brand

  • You love analyzing numbers

  • You love people and truly care about their success

  • You are extremely organized, delight in the details, and you don’t let little things slip through the cracks

  • You make it your mission to find ways to make other people happy

  • You are comfortable working in a fast-paced and high-intensity environment

  • Your personal and professional relationships are incredibly important to you and you find great value in staying connected

  • You would never utter the words “That’s not my job” – instead you always jump in to help, no matter what

  • You welcome the opportunity to work on your own, but can easily switch gears to work inside a team

  • You love any and all opportunities to over-deliver on your commitments

  • Your past employers would call you a natural go-getter. If you can do better work, you will always rise to the challenge

  • You are inherently compassionate and believe that most people are doing the very best they can

  • You jump at the chance to grow, both professionally and personally

This job description is not all-inclusive and certain activities, duties or responsibilities may be required of the employee as needed.

$83,200 - $93,600/year , based on experience

Community Influencer Team Perks

Our small team is full of talented and motivated rock stars who love logging in for work. But these perks help a little too...

  • 6 Weeks Paid Time Off

  • 8 Paid, Company Observed US Holidays

  • Never work on your birthday!!!

  • Amazing Health Insurance 

  • Work From Wherever

  • Alternate Work Schedule

  • Pre-approved education allowance

  • Performance Bonuses 

  • Team events at amazing locations

  • Work with a CEO who is a master-marketer and understands sales funnels, live launching, and sales content at a very high level

  • Work with a team who wants to support you and can deliver on any creatives, messaging, and videos quickly

  • Work with a modern, fun brand that has a cult-like following, ready to buy!

We will be considering candidates for this Contract to hire opportunity who live in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Wyoming.

If you want to step into a role with a ton of potential, like to dig in and get stuff done and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the role for you! We’re so excited for you and wish you the best of luck!


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  • Location
    Remote, California
  • Employment Type
  • Compensation
    $83,200 - $93,600/year , based on experience